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For more than 20 years, Mproof is the leading supplier in Service Management software and services. The software we use, Clientele ITSM, is being developed by ourselves and is part of our proven ‘7 steps to successful Service Management‘ method, that we use to assist our customers in working more efficiently at reduced costs. The experience we’ve gathered over the last 20 years ensures we have all the necessary knowledge to help achieve our customers reach their goals.

The 7 steps to successful Service Management.

A clear vision for more efficient work methods.

With our 7 steps to Success, we can safely guarantee that your service organization will function more efficiently, at reduced costs. You decide when and how our consultants assist you during your optimization process. Our consultants have all the necessary experience required for guiding your company to success.


1. Processes

Together we assess your current situation and, based upon your goals and your business requirements, determine which processes will be implemented, as well as their activities. Our process consultants lead the way. We assist you in defining the order and the scope of the implementation.

2. Roles

By defining functional roles as well as process management roles, we continue to build your professional services organization. It will be clear which roles will be responsible for the processes from an operational point of view and who will be in charge of the process management. This will ensure the protection of the processes once the project ends and ensures continuous improvement.

3. Procedures

Using their wealth of experience, our process consultants will guide you through the set up of procedures. Activities as well as roles will be described clearly and provide a blueprint for the configuration of the Clientele ITSM tool.

4. Application configuration

Now that your processes and procedures have been clearly defined, we will ensure that Clientele ITSM is configured to fully support them. Once the tool is installed, our technical consultants then take care of the rapid deployment of each process, using ITIL and ISM processes, templates and predefined forms.

5. Work instructions

Now that your processes and procedures are supported from a technical as well as a functional point of view, we will create work instructions with regard to activities, roles and the use of Clientele ITSM. Our process coaches will assist your entire team in becoming more familiar with the work instructions so that they will feel completely confident in using them.

6. Knowledge and usage

Training and sharing knowledge are vital for the adoption of changes. During this stage, users as well as your administrator will be trained to make sure they feel comfortable with the tool and use it to its full potential. The training will focus on your configuration and be based upon the users own roles.

7. Communication and behavior

Team work and culture are vital elements to the continuous success of your IT Service Management team. During the entire 7 steps, our experts will focus on clear communication, involving all stakeholders. They will also ensure that the changes will become embedded within the organization.

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Our business consultants and developers have years of experience in implementing efficient Service Management processes in different types of organizations. They are the perfect companions to bring your service organization to the next level.

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