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Restructuring an IT service department can be a challenging and daunting process. Not only implementing new Service Management software plays an important role, it is even more important that the right processes and roles are applied. We can help you achieve your ITSM goals. But we can’t do it without the expertise that our partners bring to the table. Partners such as Servitect and SURVUZ.

An out-of-the-box solution for streamlining your organization.

Integrated Service Management.

Integrated Service Management (ISM) offers a structured way of work. The ISM Method is an out-of-the-box solution that provides all the resources for a process focused approach in your IT organization. This popular method of work was developed by Servitect as a standard for companies and departments that focus on delivering IT services. Your service level will improve significantly, by offering an integrated approach for managing calls and escalations.

Mproof closely collaborates with Servitect, the company that developed the ISM method. If you want to structure your IT organization according to the specifications of the ISM Method and need a software tool that’ll support it out of the box, look no further, as our software, Clientele ITSM, is fully compliant with all ISM specifications.

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The latest step in the evolution of Service Management.

Unified Service Management.

Mproof closely collaborates with SURVUZ, the organization that developed and refined the Unified Service Management-method (USM) in the last decade. The USM-method is the latest step in the evolution of service management. It defines a standardized system in which a service organization can manage its people, products and processess. USM can be applied to all service organizations and departments.

With USM, any IT department will be able to swiftly take control, to achieve their goals and improve customer satisfaction at an affordable rate. It will harmonize processes and enable employees to get more done. At Mproof, we can help you discover if the USM-method is relevant to your service organization and assist you with the implementation. What’s more, our award-winning software Clientele ITSM is fully accredited by SURVUZ and 100% compatible with the USM-method.

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“At ITON, our IT organization now uses a new framework, that has been implemented by Mproof and its partners. The result? We work more efficiently and we find it much easier to achieve our ITSM goals.”

Michel Boel, ITON

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