Finally, the IT department reaches maturity.

Bekijk een case-study over de samenwerking tussen Koninklijke Visio en Mproof

Customer: Royal Visio

Goal: Tools for the visually impaired

Responsible: Patrick van Leeuwen

Consultant: Koen Vissers

Royal Visio, a centre of expertise for the visually impaired and blind, sets strict standards for IT and internal service. A merger led to a change in the organizational structure and expectations regarding the IT facilities.

“When an organization gets bigger, its IT department needs a more mature approach and structure”, says Patrick van Leeuwen, head of IT at the centre. For that reason, the IT organization switched to a process-oriented approach, based on Integrated Service Management (ISM) and to new, customer-friendly software: Mproof Clientele ITSM®.

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